LEDCOM International Short-listed for the “Mario Unnia 2019” Award at the Piazza Affari Milan Stock Exchange Haedquarters.

LEDCOM International was invited to join the final event of the “Mario Unnia – Talento & Impresa 2019” award, promoted and organized by BDO Italia to reward the best companies for innovation and talent during the past year.
The evening included panel discussions with more than 100 entrepreneurs from 12c different regions and a relevant contribution by Mara Maionchi, herself a famous entrepreneur and talent scout in the music industry.
The “Mario Unnia – Talento & Impresa 2019” award included 6 main categories, each representing different entrepreneurial skills, plus the special award “Marco Artiaco – Idee & Futuro” for start-up and innovative small and medium enterprises. In this category, Ledcom was short-listed for the final selection.
The entire Ledcom staff wishes to compliment and applaude Wiz Chemicals S.r.l., the final winner of the overall “Mario Unnia” third edition award, and to congratulate BDO Italia for the brilliant organization.

LEDCOM International Showcases Its CellLED® Technology at IEEE PowerTech Milan 2019.

Ledcom International was invited to present its CellLED® technology and business plan at the “Power Tech Milano 2019 – Leading Innovation for Energy Transition” event, organized by IEEE and Politecnico di Milano.
Numerous were the questions from the attendees, who were intrigued about Ledcom’s idea about an alternative 5G network, in order to solve its current shortcomings. “There is no question about the need for 5G, but it will be different from what is being promoted today. At Ledcom we believe that the 5G technology will be fundamental as a virtual aggregator of network services, but we also believe that the physical access infrastructure could be better developed through micro cell solutions like CellLED®’s”, stated Ledcom’s Chairman & CEO Mauro Tosi.